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Pool & Spa Openings and Closings

All Seasons Pools & Spas, Inc. opens and closes thousands of Chicago area inground pools and spas every year.

When looking for a swimming pool professional to help you with your inground pool or spa opening, remember that All Seasons is the only company in the Chicago area with well over 200 years of experience in our service department alone! 



Our highly trained professional staff of year round, Certified Service Professionals should be your only choice for all of your swimming pool needs.

All Seasons offers a variety of options in order to accommodate your pool opening needs.

Pricing will vary based upon the type of winter cover, and whether or not there is an attached spa.

We want to customize your opening to include only the options you need.

Inground pool openings can include the following:

  • Removal of pool cover

  • Removal of all winterizing products

  • Installing all plugs, caps, skimmer baskets, pump baskets and filter cartridges

  • Add liquid chlorine and algaecide

  • Installing and testing your automatic pool cleaner, pool lights and electrical controls

  • Re-installing your ladders and hand rails

  • Start up of your pool equipment​

It's quick and easy to schedule an appointment!
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give us a call at 708.745.9325

Our opening does not include vacuuming, but if this is something you would like to add on we would be happy to do this, too! 

Spa openings can include the following:

  • Remove winterizing plugs from lines

  • Reinstall drain plugs in equipment

  • Wash spa interior with spa cleanse

  • Fill spa with water

  • Start up equipment

Let's be honest, most of us don't want to even think about needing to close our pools. Once we realize that we have no choice, the best pool comapny to handle this job is All Seasons Pools!

Their attention to detail when closing your pool will guarantee that your equipment, and family, is safe during the winter.

Your investment is important to us!


All Seasons recognizes that each pool is an original, and we are aware that your pool may need special services.

We offer a standard pool closing, but we can certainly take care of any additional services your pool may require.

It's quick and easy to schedule an appointment!
Schedule online or 
give us a call at 708-745-9325

Inground pool & spa closings can

include the following:

  • Blow out underground piping

  • Install plugs & skimmer expansion devices

  • Drain equipment

  • Remove ladders, grab rails

  • Disable pumps 

  • Add winter pool chemicals

  • Add up to 3 gallons of antifreeze

  • Install your winter cover

  • Visually check equipment

Additional services may include chemically cleaning your filter, or providing discounted mid-winter boost chemical packages to help you keep your water treated in the off season.

Contact us to learn more!

Portable spa closings can include the following:

  • Blow out lines and plug

  • Put expansion device in skimmer

  • Drain equipment 

  • Add up to five gallons of antifreeze

  • Install customer's cover

We do have packages for pools and spas that are closed together. However, we also understand if you want to leave your spa open just a little longer. 


Contact us to discuss your options!

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